1. All parties subscribing (signing) the instrument (document) must be physically present.
  2. All parties must have valid photo ID such as a Driver’s License, State issued Photo ID, Passport or some other legal form of Photo Identification.
  3. Address on ID must be accurate and correct and match the information cited on the document. If it does not match, an updated address change or verifiable proof of new address must be shown prior to any notarizing.
  4. Parties to the Instrument need to be competent and fully alert; they must be proven to understand the instrument being subscribed. A simple nod of the head is insufficient for communicating approval. If the subscriber cannot speak, they will need to write a sentence in response to direct questions such as: “Please explain the purpose of a Power of Attorney?” Dementia, Alzheimer’s patients or persons under the influence of strong medications, unfortunately, cannot be subscribers to the instrument. Please contact an Attorney for legal advice on how to deal with said situations.
  5. You must furnish the document that requires notarization. If no document is available we can provide cover pages of specific notarial acts that contain a jurat (notarial wording) or fillable templates for completion on site, however we are not permitted to draft/provide legal documents or offer direction as to what notarial acts are required for a particular document. We can however, print any documents emailed to us (see Pricing section under clerical fees) or digitally fill-out templates if you email us information (I.e. electronically fillable Forms of Affidavit etc.) in advance. In the worse case scenario, we will provide full descriptions of each notarial act, customers can then choose what act they believe to be correct for notarization of their document and/or they can contact the party requesting the notarization for advice or direction on how to proceed.
  6. Customers must arrive on time for all scheduled appointments. If there is a delay, please notify us immediately, however we do charge a clerical excessive lateness fee of $5 for anything over 15 minutes.
  7. Parties must sign the instrument precisely as it appears on the document and furnish legal proof of ID to that affect. If there is a name or address change, please bring reasonable proof of new/changed residency and/or proof of name change such as a marriage license and supporting documentation for application of name change. If you are acting as an Agent on behalf of someone else you must furnish a Power of Attorney to that fact AND proof of your own identification.
  8. Any reasonable photo ID will be acceptable so long as it contains your name, photo and signature and was once valid. Expired passports, Driver’s Licenses and State photo ID’s are acceptable as well, as we are not a governmental body and thus not concerned with the expiration of said documents for proving Identification.
  9. Upon meeting we will provide an assessment of the provided documents with an estimate of the costs and procedures involved. All payments are due upon completion of documents prior and prior to releasing the document back to the customer.
  10. A Standard Clerical fee is due for all appointments. This applies even to instances wherein (for whatever reason) the consultation yielded no notarial or clerical act. Please be sure to review our services prior to scheduling an appointment as we will not be responsible for the completion of the documents beyond our scope of services but our clerical fee will be required for the appointment itself.