STANDARD CLERICAL (for all appointments/consultations) – $15.00

Our (self-determined) clerical fee is directly associated with business costs. We charge a single Standard Clerical Fee for all appointments and consultations. Clerical fee is due even in instances when the notarial consultation yields no notarial acts.

PHOTOCOPYING (covered by Standard Clerical Fee)

Any copying, printing, collating or stapling involved the documents being notarized. This includes copying and removing of staple sets for documents up to 25 pages. There is no charge for this service as it is included in our Standard Clerical fee.

FAXING (covered by Standard Clerical Fee)

Faxing of completed and notarized documents or receiving fax of documents prior to an appointment. There is no additional charge for this service; it is included in our Standard Clerical fee.

EMAILING (covered by Standard Clerical Fee)

We can email document to any requested recipient upon or before completing of our services. We also provide email consultations for proof reading of documents. We can receive your documents in advance of meeting, address any concerns with notarial wording or lack thereof and provide feedback and a cost estimate for notarizing the documents. We can also assist with any follow-up questions or concerns by the subscribing parties or the receiving institution. We also provide detailed, itemized receipts for our services via email.

MAILING/Shipping (on top of Standard Clerical Fee) – $5.00

We can mail or ship your documents via United States Postal Service (recommended for government offices & Saturday deliveries) UPS, FedEx or FedEx ground (cost effective, overnight to many destinations and includes Saturday deliveries). Proof of mailing/shipping and tracking info is sent via email or via standard mail upon special request.

FORMS/TEMPLATES (covered by Standard Clerical Fee)

J. Reisner Notary is a member of Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN) we provide fillable PDF Forms that can be completed either by us (with given information from customer) or by the customer based on preference. Our templates include:

-Form of Affidavit
-Form of Certificate
-Form of Individual Acknowledgment
-Sworn Verification

BEARING WITNESS [non-notarial] (on top of Standard Clerical Fee) – $5.00 (additional @ $1.00)

Very often forms will require additional witness/es to signing a document. In Pennsylvania it is 100% legal and permissible for a Notary Public to act as a witness to the fact, providing that the witness is not included in the Acknowledgment and/or in the notarial wording for the act. J. Reisner Notary charges a $5.00 clerical fee for the 1st instance of this on your document and $1.00 for each additional witness signature required. IMPORTANT this witnessing signature is not a notarial act and should not be constituted as such; a notary have no further authority for said acts then any other citizen or pedestrian. However, as a matter of good practice for providing witnesses, the witness should be an individual whose location and contact information is known and attainable by the document subscriber.