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J. Reisner Notary

You don’t always know when you’ll need a Notary. It could be late at night, or at odd times when the closest office is halfway across town. You might need to have a Will notarized, a Power of Attorney signed, or a copy of a document certified. You may be getting or applying for a new job; some employment forms require a notary’s endorsement.
J. Reisner Notary provides all these services and more, covering locations across the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and often beyond. As a highly trained and licensed Notary Public agency, J. Reisner can travel to offices, homes and healthcare facilities to provide timely and quality notary and signing services at very affordable rates while offering friendly and accommodating service. J. Reisner Notary operates locally but can provide global and international services as an Apostille authenticated agent for foreign bound documents. Your experience with your Notary should be quick and painless, that’s the experience that J. Reisner Notary provides.


Pittsburgh Notary Public Services

Executing acknowledgments, hearing affidavits, taking depositions, administering oaths, and certifying copies are all services J. Reisner Notary provides directly to your door, and more. Wherever, and whenever you need notary services, we can accommodate you.


We don’t believe it should take a phone call to find out how much our services cost. At J. Reisner Notary, we clearly state the fees and pricing for our services, streamlining the process for you and offering affordable options for all your notary needs. Our prices and services are clearly stated here. If you require travel notary services beyond the Pittsburgh area, we can hope to accommodate these requests, and will discuss special pricing beforehand.


It is important to have all your documents fully prepped for your notary appointment. To see what we need to make the process quick and painless, simply click on our requirements tab. By having everything you need ready ahead of time, we can expedite the process for you and provide the best service possible to fully satisfy your needs.


Mobile Services

We can travel across the city of Pittsburgh to best accommodate your needs. From Oakland, Shadyside and Downtown to Lawrenceville, Southside, Point Breeze, Regent Square and beyond, we can come to you. J. Reisner Notary provides in-home visits to private and/or nursing homes, businesses and offices, hospitals, and hotels.


Contact Us

You can reach us during our hours of operation at (412) 224-2138, via the contact form here or by emailing us at josh@jreisnernotary.com. The more information you provide us, the better we can serve your needs. No matter the situation, location or service required, J. Reisner Notary is ready to serve your every notary need.
If you have a late night and/or emergency request please text us at 917-204-8565 and we will respond as soon as humanly possible.




“Mr. Reisner was ready at the drop of a hat to help me with a few documents I needed to have notarized. He was punctual, polite and his attention to detail in making sure everything was accurate was very impressive. I would DEFINITELY use his service again, considering the speed, quality of service and the prices offered compared to other local agents”.

Jeanne Diangello

“This guys really saved my skin! It was late and I needed a notary service last minute. J. Reisner Notary made an in-home visit and provided me with all the documentation and assistance I needed. He was knowledgeable and professional -I have no complaints. The whole thing took us about fifteen minutes and was totally painless!”

Deborah Gibson

“Josh Reisner was very polite and professional, and it was very convenient that he was able to meet up with me at a Starbucks. I would not hesitate to call him again, or recommend him to friends/family”.

Charlotte May

“Mr. Reisner came to my residence on a Sunday evening to notarize some items for me. As an attorney, I appreciate professionalism from those that I deal with and he certainly was very professional. Mr. Reisner showed up when he told me that he would and performed his duties as a notary in a professional manner even going so far as to go through all of my paperwork to ensure that nothing had been missed. His pricing is very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend him both to my clients and to my friends”.

George Heym

“As others have said, Reisner is extremely responsive. He met us on a Sunday evening after we emailed him that morning. Everything was quick and easy. Nice guy too!”

Joshua Breslau

“Great Guy! accommodates after work, easy and quick, and he also accepts debit cards which was a major plus for me since if forget to bring cash. We met at Star-bucks had a cup of hot mojo handled business and even enjoyed some side conversation while we finished our coffee. Your a great guy Josh and thanks so much for the help!!”

Romi Jones